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Changes from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1

* Improvements to many of the maintenance scripts, which now use a central /etc/maia.conf file for their configuration. The process-quarantine, expire-quarantine-cache, and load-sa-rules scripts now accept more command-line options and settings via the /etc/maia.conf file, and offer more detailed debugging information.

* Improvements in memory-management, particularly where oversized mail items are concerned. Amavisd-maia and process-quarantine should now handle large items somewhat more gracefully.

* Amavisd-maia is now based on amavisd-new 2.2.1, a relatively small upgrade in that regard, but significant in that it should now support users of Mac OSX.

* Support for SpamAssassin 3.1.1 is now complete, and load-sa-rules is now aware of the new sa-update mechanism for automatically updating the SpamAssassin core rules. This is not a replacement for RulesDuJour (which updates third-party rules), but a complement--with sa-update you can now update your "official" SpamAssassin rules without having to wait for the next SpamAssassin release.

* Better support for PHP5, including support for the new "mysqli" driver for MySQL, and the new PEAR package format. A patch for PEAR::Net_IMAP is also available to get it working with PHP5.

* Fixes for incompatibilities with newer versions of key Perl modules, including Crypt::CBC and Net::Server.

* Updated script with new recommended minimum version numbers for a large number of Perl modules, based on current security vulnerability reports.