VirusBuster Client (vbengcl)

['VirusBuster', ['vbuster', 'vbengcl'],
  "{} -ss -i '*' -log=$MYHOME/vbuster.log", [0], [1],
  qr/: '(.*)' - Virus/m ],

VirusBuster Ltd. does not support the daemon version for the workstation engine (vbuster-eng-1.12-linux-i386-libc6.tgz) any longer. The names of binaries, some parameters AND return codes have changed (from 3 to 1). See also the new Vexira entry 'vascan' which is possibly related.

VirusBuster Daemon (vbengd)

['VirusBuster (Client + Daemon)', 'vbengd',
  '-f -log scandir {}', [0], [3],
  qr/Virus found = (.*);/m ],

NOTE: for an infected file it always returns 3, although the man-page tells a different story.