and .


15:59 Ticket #169 (auth_rewriting_type, login credentials, imap and pop3 inconsistant) closed by dmorton
fixed: This is done better in 1.1 authentication underway.
15:44 Ticket #126 (mime parsing issues) closed by dmorton
fixed: I think this was fixed in some better MIME libs and such…
15:29 Ticket #237 (White / Blacklist not working from Maia) closed by dmorton
worksforme: I still think it is a config issue of some kind.
15:28 Ticket #219 (BLACK LIST) closed by dmorton
invalid: configuration error, please consult mailing lists for help.
15:26 Ticket #214 (Limit user account creation) closed by dmorton
wontfix: This really isn't within the feature set of Maia at this time; you could …
15:21 Ticket #249 (User login) closed by dmorton
worksforme: One problem we have discovered is that Exchange sometimes does not respond …
10:54 Ticket #5 (default theme) closed by dmorton
fixed: This can be done now by setting the them for @. or domain defaults.
10:45 Ticket #248 (support dual user and user@domain usernames) closed by dmorton
fixed: This will be available in 1.1, with multiple authentication methods …
10:42 Ticket #142 (default theme for new accounts) closed by dmorton
fixed: Did this sometime…
10:36 Ticket #201 (Problem with linked e-mail accounts) closed by anonymous
10:29 Ticket #13 (Graphic charts need to be added) closed by dmorton
fixed: Charts now use Image_Graph PEAR library.
10:10 Ticket #203 (Amavis tmp directory) closed by anonymous
09:42 Ticket #246 (Diff for using Maia with PHP5) closed by dmorton
fixed: added to trunk in [875]
09:34 Ticket #108 (updatescript for changeset [488] ?) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed with new upgrade scripts.
09:13 Ticket #18 (Reorganize handling of spam threshold scores and destiny mappings) closed by dmorton
fixed: Done in stats branch, which will become Maia 1.1
09:12 Ticket #4 (Translation updates) closed by dmorton
invalid: closing ticket, it doesn't do any good. There's always translations to be …
09:09 Ticket #244 (Update amavisd-maia) closed by dmorton
wontfix: Maia uses it's own almost fork of amavisd-new, and the current is based on …
09:07 Ticket #154 (undefined variable) closed by dmorton
09:04 Ticket #185 (PHP Error: Undefined variable: primary_email_id in settings.php 552) closed by dmorton
fixed: Fixed in [909]
09:02 Changeset [909] by dmorton

Trunk: disallow linking to domain default users. Fixes #185

08:18 Ticket #2 (refactor configtest.php) closed by dmorton
wontfix: This just wasn't feasable as I had it implemented. The idea was really …
08:16 Ticket #250 ([PATCH] Small update on Dutch locale) closed by dmorton
fixed: included in [908]
08:15 Changeset [908] by dmorton

Trunk: dutch locale update

08:10 Ticket #251 (language editing in place) created by dmorton
A nice way to encourage language edits would be to have a debug option …


10:49 Ticket #250 ([PATCH] Small update on Dutch locale) created by Robert Hoekstra (maia at hoekstra dot nu)
Just a small patch on the Dutch locale, once again. I still plan to …
10:29 Changeset [907] by dmorton

Trunk: fixing undefined template variable


19:29 Changeset [906] by dmorton

Trunk: check for valid policy/maia_user_id combination before taking ...

14:47 Changeset [905] by dmorton

Trunk: removing <BR> tag at end of recipient list

09:29 Changeset [904] by dmorton

Trunk: Fixed a bit of error handling wrt adminusers. Fixed some source ...

08:07 Changeset [903] by dmorton

Trunk: updated required version for Net_SMTP


16:22 Changeset [902] by dmorton

Trunk: set default digest interval to '0', or off.

16:12 Changeset [901] by dmorton

Trunk: Removing table checking from configtest.php. upgrade.php does the ...


17:47 Changeset [900] by dmorton

Trunk: fixing undefined var in templates

17:35 Changeset [899] by dmorton

Trunk: updating schema version number in sql files.

16:08 Changeset [898] by dmorton

Trunk: doubling token size, combining UUID for uniqueness and random ...


19:28 Changeset [897] by dmorton

Trunk: changing version number and updating boilerplate info.

19:01 Changeset [896] by dmorton

Trunk: Updating SQL for new theme names

18:56 Changeset [895] by dmorton

Trunk: renaming themes and removing DGM theme from database.

18:54 Changeset [894] by dmorton

Trunk: renaming themes for production release

16:37 Changeset [893] by jleaver

Stats: fix for determining if internal auth is used in settings.php

16:18 Changeset [892] by dmorton

Trunk: updating token generation code to use Data::UUID which should have ...

14:06 Changeset [891] by dmorton

Trunk: chart update: remove auto generation from admin config.

13:58 Changeset [890] by dmorton

Trunk: major chart update: charts obey all config settings, systemwide ...

12:35 Changeset [889] by jleaver

Stats: Cumulative patch from ReachONE including cosmetic fixes, speed ...

12:34 Changeset [888] by dmorton
12:30 Changeset [887] by dmorton

Trunk: extracting font into config item.

11:51 Changeset [886] by dmorton
11:22 Changeset [885] by dmorton

Trunk: fixed undefined variable error

10:46 Changeset [884] by dmorton

Trunk: typo on $maxvirusid


20:37 Changeset [883] by dmorton

Trunk: better upgrade path for tokens.

19:57 Changeset [882] by dmorton

Trunk: fixed bug wrt logo settings. For now, blue theme login logo ...

15:58 Changeset [881] by dmorton

Trunk: small typo (found via working debug window from last commit. yay!

15:54 Changeset [880] by dmorton

Trunk: can't have space in variable name.... prevented debug window from ...

15:46 Changeset [879] by dmorton

Trunk: shortened 5 queries down to 1 query for performance gain.

13:50 Changeset [878] by dmorton

Trunk: changing more logging defaults

13:45 Changeset [877] by dmorton

Trunk: make debugging off by default.

13:44 Changeset [876] by dmorton

Trunk: adding patch from Stephan Wentz to hopefully make php5 work ...

12:43 Changeset [875] by dmorton

Trunk: changing $HTTP_*_VARS to $_*, which will help with PHP5 ...

12:20 Changeset [874] by dmorton

Trunk: updated SV translations, thanks to Jan Olsson

09:52 Changeset [873] by jleaver

Per-domain welcome template, UUID rewrite to use Data::UUID, ...


23:14 Changeset [872] by rjl

Removed JpGraph? test

15:25 Ticket #249 (User login) created by sward@…
v1.00.00 RC5 One user has been able to setup and authenticate to the …


04:12 SpamAssassin3SQLBayes edited by rjl


08:49 Ticket #248 (support dual user and user@domain usernames) created by jnorell
We would like to allow users to enter either the short username or longer …


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