and .


17:28 Ticket #87 (Problem rescuing mail tagged as spam.) closed by Ed <maia@…>
fixed: The problem seems to have been fixed with the newer versions. It's been …
15:18 Ticket #167 (undefined variable in adminuser) closed by dmorton
duplicate: yeah, I just noticed that... DUP of #156 - CLOSED


09:25 Ticket #170 (imap_open is slow to authenticate) created by dmorton
php's imap_open, which is used for both imap and pop3 auth, lists the …
09:22 Ticket #169 (auth_rewriting_type, login credentials, imap and pop3 inconsistant) created by dmorton
Maia is not handling login credential consistantly. Usig type, 0, imap …
06:50 Ticket #168 (implode() error in welcome.php) created by dmorton
From Jan Arve Nygård:[…]
06:27 Ticket #166 (domain admin cannot see all users under all domains) closed by dmorton
fixed: see [577]
06:25 Changeset [577] by dmorton

Moved some smarty assigns and arrays to outside of the loops that ...

06:13 Ticket #167 (undefined variable in adminuser) created by dmorton
When adding new user via admin user panel: […]
06:12 Ticket #166 (domain admin cannot see all users under all domains) created by dmorton
When a domain admin goes to the users control panel, they cannot see all …


12:45 Ticket #165 (magic quotes) created by dmorton
having magic quotes turned on can cause goofiness. We should include a …


15:09 Ticket #164 ("Consider mail spam" and "Quarrantine Spam" scores seem to be related?) created by jeff@…
Regarding the same two options from the Domain Mail Filter Defaults page, …
15:08 Ticket #163 ("Consider mail 'spam' score" test seems to actually be >, not >=) created by jeff@…
On the Domain Mail Filter Defaults page, two of the options available …
13:03 Ticket #153 ([PATCH] Changeset [551] de - locale patch) closed by dmorton
fixed: applied patch in [576]
13:02 Changeset [576] by dmorton

locale patch, see #153

12:57 Changeset [575] by dmorton

typo bugfix reported by Duff Reid


12:03 Ticket #162 (default system user account) created by dmorton
In future documentation, how about changing the system user from "amavis" …


23:27 Ticket #160 ([PATCH] New items in locale/fr/internal-init.php) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed in [574]
23:26 Changeset [574] by dmorton

locale patch. see #160

10:47 Ticket #161 (spam trap accounts confuse users) created by dmorton
Is there really any need for individual users to create spam trap …
01:59 Ticket #160 ([PATCH] New items in locale/fr/internal-init.php) created by Christophe Cuq <ccuq@…>


09:44 Ticket #159 (Disabled domains still catching mail) created by henrik@…
I downloaded the new amavisd-maia which supposedly fixed the problem (Nov. …
01:00 Ticket #158 (mime.php and GPG-MIME) created by dnauck


14:04 Ticket #157 (Net::DNS minimum requirement) created by anonymous
Net::DNS needs to be version 0.34, accoording to Spamassassin 3 Need to …
09:02 Ticket #156 (Undefined variables (auth_imap_address_type, bad_header_lover) and ...) created by maia@…
When using Add New Email Address/Alias from the user administration …


22:02 Ticket #155 (<br> tag visible in To: column (trunk revision 573)) created
With both the Maia Blue & Mild Brown themes, if the mouse is hovered over …
10:10 Ticket #154 (undefined variable) created by dnauck
2005-01-19 18:38:09 (CET) 8 Notice Undefined variable: primary_email_id …
09:04 Ticket #153 ([PATCH] Changeset [551] de - locale patch) created by dnauck
Changeset [551] de - locale patch


12:30 Ticket #152 (seperate form tags) created by dmorton
from Jeff Squyres <jeff@…> […]


07:47 Ticket #151 ([PATCH] errors in translation locale/fr/display.php) closed by dmorton
fixed: see [573]
07:47 Changeset [573] by dmorton

typo in fr locale. Fixes #151


10:55 Changeset [572] by jleaver

updated, merged changes from trunk up to 571


23:07 Ticket #151 ([PATCH] errors in translation locale/fr/display.php) created by Christophe Cuq <ccuq@…>
fp and fn translations inverted in stats page. diff file included
14:12 Ticket #107 ((last) undefined variable) closed by dmorton
fixed: can't reproduce ctype_primary error. Open new ticket for new items …
13:14 BlankPage edited by dmorton
13:14 Ticket #124 (have configtest check file permissions) closed by dmorton
fixed: see [571]
13:11 Changeset [571] by dmorton

added check for write permission on smarty compile directories. fixes ...

13:04 BlankPage edited by dmorton
12:36 Ticket #81 (address_rewriting_type) closed by dmorton
invalid: I think this was fixed before the ticket was posted. see [375]
08:38 Ticket #150 (settings.php does not allow updating of 'spamtrap' or 'reminder' setting) closed by dmorton
fixed: see [570]
08:38 Changeset [570] by dmorton

global config settings were not loaded soon enough in settings.php, which ...

07:16 Ticket #150 (settings.php does not allow updating of 'spamtrap' or 'reminder' setting) created by shalligan@…
The update queries in both of these is wrapped in an if statement. For …


20:28 Ticket #149 (mail templates should allow setting of Subject) closed by dmorton
fixed: done in [568] and [569]. Still need to localize this, as described in …
20:25 Changeset [569] by dmorton

moved To, From, and Subject to template file, so it can be modified ...

20:01 Changeset [568] by dmorton

moving subject of quarantine reminder to template. #149

10:44 Ticket #149 (mail templates should allow setting of Subject) created by shalligan@…
Any way to allow the subject of the new user email (and the reminder, but …
09:30 Ticket #139 (rcinit) reopened by dmorton
This script does not work on SUSE 9.1 - […]
00:38 PostfixRecipientVerification created by dmorton
00:28 FAQ edited by dmorton
could use some better phrasing, but... need to document recipient … (diff)


14:46 Ticket #148 (internal_auth system config missing) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed in [567]
14:45 Changeset [567] by dmorton

see #148

14:44 Ticket #148 (internal_auth system config missing) created by dmorton
From srh on IRC:[…]
14:11 Changeset [566] by dmorton

addendum to [551]

14:09 Changeset [565] by dmorton

addendum to [551]

13:32 Ticket #113 (Enable auto-creation of user accounts master switch) closed by dmorton
fixed: Sonce someone may accidently turn it off and back on, I think I'd rather …
11:46 Changeset [564] by dmorton

don't ask for domain default for user autocreation if the system setting ...

11:37 Ticket #147 (domainettings.php code cleanup) created by dmorton
some code cleanup issues needed: * all the ugly **_n_checked …
11:21 Ticket #146 (register_globals causes trouble) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed in [563]
11:20 Changeset [563] by dmorton

check that register_globals is off. fixes ticket #146

11:19 Ticket #146 (register_globals causes trouble) created by dmorton
need to check for register_globals, as it needs to be off.
01:59 Ticket #145 (db-update.php missing in locale/de) created by wol@…
The attached file is missing in locale/de from trunk


22:17 Ticket #141 ([PATCH] text_cache_ham confusion) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed in [560]
19:05 Changeset [562] by dmorton

updating level4 branch with changes from 550 to 560

18:38 Changeset [561] by dmorton

merging in changed from [548] to branch

17:13 Changeset [560] by dmorton

loacle clash with welcome text. renamed text_cache_ham to ...

16:58 Changeset [559] by dmorton

missed a line in [540], which fixed #30.

14:55 Ticket #144 (xadminuser needs to report more detail) created by dmorton
Since multiple users can be submitted to xadminuser.php, it needs to …
14:51 Changeset [558] by dmorton

same typo in other themes.

14:50 Changeset [557] by dmorton

cut and paste typo, caused xadminuser to say that email was not deleted.

14:40 Ticket #143 (return values for smtp_send) created by dmorton
need to check for return values from smtp_send, and report errors to the …
13:10 Ticket #142 (default theme for new accounts) created by dmorton
new accounts should inherit the theme set by the domain default, or the …
11:46 CustomLocale created by dmorton
11:42 FAQ edited by dmorton
11:40 FAQ edited by dmorton
11:31 Changeset [556] by dmorton

ok, and now you can have theme-specific, site specific locale. place a ...

11:10 Changeset [555] by dmorton

added ability to have a site specific locale override file(s) so a ...

10:21 Changeset [554] by jleaver

4th level fixes to problems reported by Jarod

09:13 Ticket #141 ([PATCH] text_cache_ham confusion) created by Christophe Cuq <ccuq@…>
I have done a correction for avoiding text_cache_ham from …


15:08 Ticket #140 (command line to register admin) created by dmorton
From Jeff Squyres:[…]
15:07 Ticket #139 (rcinit) closed by rjl
invalid: No need. The amavisd-new distribution already includes an init script. …
15:05 Ticket #139 (rcinit) created by dmorton
amavisd-maia needs init script to start/stop/restart. Different distros …
14:52 Ticket #138 (configtest.php check for mysql or postgresql support in php) created by dmorton
Need to check that php has some sort of sql support, before trying to …


14:34 Changeset [553] by dmorton

added more submit buttons, because this page is large. Might want to ...

14:23 Changeset [552] by dmorton

wrong color in brown them admin pages.


20:15 Ticket #136 (Add prompt for SMTP server and port to internal-init.php) closed by dmorton
20:14 Changeset [551] by dmorton

Added fields to set smtp server and port to internal-init.php fixes ticket ...

07:29 Ticket #137 (View also in stats safe mail count) created by anonymous
In stats we can see the HAM, SPAM, etc, but there isnt any count for mail …


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14:51 Changeset [550] by dmorton

patch from Jacob Leaver to add a 4th level to the ...

14:42 Changeset [549] by dmorton

Oops, saved this to the trunk, when it should have been in a branch

14:20 Ticket #136 (Add prompt for SMTP server and port to internal-init.php) created by rjl
The internal-init.php script is designed to gather basic information …
09:15 Changeset [548] by dmorton

removed references to obsolete installation_directory config item.


08:47 Changeset [547] by dmorton

more patches from Jacob Leaver for 4thlevel patch. This is a test branch ...


20:07 Changeset [546] by dmorton

patch to amavisd-maia to have 4 levels defined for when to label, ...

20:03 Changeset [545] by dmorton

copying files to test level4 patch

20:01 Changeset [544] by dmorton

test branch for level4 patch

11:02 FAQ edited by dmorton
09:59 WikiStart edited by dmorton
fixing vandalism (diff)
09:13 WikiStart edited by anonymous
08:32 Ticket #135 ([PATCH] locale_fr patch - new/missing symbols added, minor spell and typos ...) closed by dmorton
fixed: Thanks, Christophe! [543]
08:31 Changeset [543] by dmorton

french locale modifications, per ticket #135

04:33 Ticket #135 ([PATCH] locale_fr patch - new/missing symbols added, minor spell and typos ...) created by Christophe Cuq <ccuq@…>
Sorry for the precedent ticket. I didn't see I could atach a file …
04:32 Ticket #134 (locale_fr patch - new/missing symbols added, minor spell and typos ...) closed by anonymous
04:28 Ticket #134 (locale_fr patch - new/missing symbols added, minor spell and typos ...) created by Christophe Cuq <ccuq@…>
diff -r -u locale.orig/help.php locale.modif/help.php --- …
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