and .


23:38 Ticket #77 (Links from maiamailguard.com are broken) created by anonymous
Some links when using www.maiamailguard.com are broken when using absolute …
23:26 SpamAssassin3SQLBayes created by maia@…
New page
23:15 FAQ edited by maia@…
Bayes + MySQL + SA3 (diff)
23:12 MySQLServerHasGoneAway created by maia@…
New page
23:06 FAQ edited by maia@…
Added FAQ about (diff)
16:04 MysqlMaxPacket edited by dnauck
renamed [mysql] in [mysqld] (diff)
15:57 WikiStart edited by dnauck
add install link (diff)
15:53 Install edited by anonymous
delete (diff)
15:52 MaiaInstall edited by dnauck
fixed link (diff)
15:52 MaiaInstallDeutsch edited by dnauck
fixed link (diff)
15:51 MaiaInstallDeutsch created by dnauck
15:49 MaiaInstall created by dnauck
15:36 Install created by Naucki
15:23 Ticket #76 (domainsettings.tpl: missing $address variable) created by dmorton
Should display the current domain…
15:18 Ticket #75 (Maia blue Theme Bugs) created by Naucki
1.) you cant install a new language ("No uninstalled languages are …
15:02 Changeset [403] by dmorton

this theme doesn't use these files, they use list-chache instead.

14:59 Changeset [402] by dmorton

Updating layout to css

14:54 Changeset [401] by dmorton

Updating layout to css

13:52 Ticket #74 (email ticket changes) created by dmorton
Would it be possible to receive an email when a ticket that you submitted …
13:48 Changeset [400] by dmorton

removed unreachable line...

13:39 Ticket #73 (language change is not instant) closed by dmorton
fixed: put a location header in to refresh the page when changed…
13:38 Changeset [399] by dmorton

made language change instant by redirecting page instantly... ticket #73

13:28 Changeset [398] by dmorton

fixed more local issues

12:52 Ticket #71 (label/quarantine/discard funniness) closed by anonymous
duplicate: This is just the PHP side of …
12:06 Changeset [397] by dmorton

default setting detection was messed up.

11:25 Ticket #73 (language change is not instant) created by dmorton
When changing the language setting, it doesn't show up on the submit, but …
11:13 Ticket #72 (return value/error check audit) created by dmorton
We need to do an audit and check all mysql calls for return values and …
11:04 Changeset [396] by dmorton

typo... didn't need brackets.

11:01 Ticket #71 (label/quarantine/discard funniness) created by dmorton
I don't think this should be possible:[…]
10:53 Ticket #65 ([PATCH] Current protection level Settings) closed by dmorton
fixed: fixed in [393].
10:49 Changeset [395] by dmorton

added comments to explain default settings

10:40 Changeset [394] by dmorton

missing </a>

10:35 Changeset [393] by dmorton

locale fix, and moved default protection levels out to config.php. Added ...

10:33 Changeset [392] by dmorton

Updating layout to css

07:55 Ticket #70 (config table shade) created by dmorton
We could add a small javascript to adminsystem to make tables "shade" when …
07:35 Changeset [391] by dmorton

removed duplicate line

07:31 Changeset [390] by dmorton

changing tables to div's and span's, introduced helper functions ...


15:17 Changeset [389] by dmorton

Variable name change, adding per-page css include

15:11 Changeset [388] by dmorton

Updating layout to css

14:42 Ticket #66 (strange formatting in default blue theme) closed by dmorton
12:38 Changeset [387] by dmorton

Updating layout to css

12:34 Changeset [386] by dmorton

adding third panel color

12:16 Changeset [385] by dmorton

typo - quote in wrong place.

12:06 Changeset [384] by dmorton

Updating layout to css

11:54 Changeset [383] by dmorton

Updating layout to css

11:39 Ticket #69 (Add Resend function to ) created by dan@…
Allow users to resend an item in their ham cache.


23:55 Ticket #68 (add ability to auth to multiple imap servers) closed by rjl
duplicate: This is a duplicate of …
19:43 Ticket #68 (add ability to auth to multiple imap servers) created by jwgreene@…
Add the ability to auth to multiple IMAP servers with mailguard. Have a …
13:33 Ticket #67 ([PATCH] process-quarantine.pl and expire-quarantine-cache.pl don't ...) created by paul@…
From [http://www.renaissoft.com/pipermail/maia-devel/2004-May/000171.html
12:01 Changeset [382] by dmorton

cleaning up javascript file, making generic method for adding page ...

11:48 Changeset [381] by dmorton

resolved smarty variable conflict: $cols.

related to ticket #66

11:01 Changeset [380] by dmorton

small spacing fix


22:41 Changeset [379] by dmorton

minor bugfixes: css covered up the elect all toggle, extra closing ...

22:19 Changeset [378] by dmorton

new way to do sort buttons, looking to do tab buttons as described ...

15:45 Ticket #66 (strange formatting in default blue theme) created by dmorton
As reported by Naucki, formatting looks wierd in some cases. I'll attach …
15:33 Changeset [377] by dmorton

TODO list is now maintained in trac helpticket system

10:05 Changeset [376] by dmorton

removed installation directory, as per revision [229]

09:38 Ticket #65 ([PATCH] Current protection level Settings) created by Naucki
The "current protection level" setting is at the moment in welcome.php …
09:27 MaiaApplicationServer created by dmorton
09:11 Ticket #64 (keep maia up to date - admin stuff) created by Naucki
currently it is very hard to keep maia up to date: -add new domains to …
08:50 Ticket #63 (Setting: Show a logo in the page-top banner?) created by Naucki
I've deativated this option, but the Maia-Logo is shown on the …


21:38 Ticket #61 (rss feed needs https link) closed by rjl
fixed: Fixed. Finally :)
21:27 Ticket #61 (rss feed needs https link) reopened by rjl
Okay, I think I see what you're referring to now. The RSS feeds do …
19:30 Ticket #61 (rss feed needs https link) closed by rjl
fixed: See TracRss. …
18:19 Ticket #61 (rss feed needs https link) reopened by dmorton
Now all links point to https://www.renaissoft.com/ but not to individual …
17:49 Changeset [375] by rjl

Bugfix: auth_imap_address_type should be address_rewriting_type

15:53 Ticket #61 (rss feed needs https link) closed by rjl
fixed: Fixed by manual patching of the affected files. All RSS feeds should now …
14:50 Changeset [374] by dmorton

adding ignore property to ignore config.php

13:58 Changeset [373] by dmorton

has been merged into main trunk

13:56 Changeset [372] by dmorton

merged welcome branch into main trunk

13:53 Changeset [371] by dmorton

removing in order to move welcome branch into main trunk

13:45 Ticket #62 (login failure cryptic message) created by dmorton
When I type my password in wrong, I get: Warning: imap_open(): Couldn't …
13:41 Ticket #61 (rss feed needs https link) created by dmorton
the rss feed goes to http:// ... in which trac gives an error.
13:29 Changeset [370] by dmorton

Changing appearance of rows in the cache listing. This seems to open ...

13:13 Changeset [369] by dmorton

added support for custom smarty plugins to be stored in ...

12:12 Ticket #60 (error linking email address in settings.php) created by dmorton
In welcome branch, linking another email address yielded this …
09:00 WikiStart edited by dmorton
08:56 MysqlMaxPacket created by dmorton
08:43 FAQ created by dmorton
08:32 Ticket #59 (wol@msc-ge.com) closed by dmorton
fixed: added in welcome branch, [368]. Remaining work is to update locales, …
08:29 Changeset [368] by dmorton

localized "As of:" as per ticket #59

05:43 Ticket #59 (wol@msc-ge.com) created by anonymous
In stats.php (line 100) the string "As of" should localized also.
01:48 Ticket #58 (Folded subject lines are truncated after the first line) created by rjl
In cases where an ISO-2022-encoded subject line is folded over multiple …
01:42 Ticket #57 (Use credentials from an HTTP-authenticated session for Maia login) created by rjl
If a user has already authenticated his credentials via an HTTP-supported …
01:38 Ticket #56 (Move $sa_spam_subject_tag and $sa_local_tests_only to the Maia system ...) created by rjl
It is more convenient in many cases for an administrator to set …
01:33 Ticket #55 (Support the use of wildcards in whitelists and blacklists) created by rjl
In many cases it would be desirable to use wildcards such as '*' or '?' in …
01:28 Ticket #54 ([PATCH] Auto-link multiple e-mail addresses from an LDAP authentication) created by rjl
LDAP accounts can contain more than one e-mail address, and when LDAP is …
01:25 Ticket #53 (Let amavisd-maia pass all mail through if no database is accessible) created by rjl
In the event of a catastrophic database failure, amavisd-maia would be …
01:20 Ticket #52 (Add logging of user activities) created by rjl
It should be possible to log the activities of Maia users to a certain …
01:14 Ticket #51 (Mail size is incorrectly recorded when mail is encrypted) created by rjl
Currently amavisd-maia gets its mail size figure from the upstream MTA, …
01:09 Ticket #50 (Encryption features only work when locale is set to en_US) created by rjl
The Perl-based implementation of the Blowfish encryption feature does not …
01:06 Ticket #49 (Create a new user class for spamtrap accounts) created by rjl
Spamtrap accounts need to be setup very carefully by people who know what …
01:00 Ticket #48 (Add hierarchical banned file attachment lists) created by rjl
Currently Maia (or rather amavisd-new) only supports a single global list …
00:53 Ticket #47 (Make ham caching optional on a per-user basis) created by rjl
Maia supports the enabling and disabling of ham caching for domains, but …
00:49 Ticket #46 (Add a password reset feature for internal authentication) created by rjl
When Maia's internal authentication method is used, and a user forgets his …
00:43 Ticket #45 (Add custom headers to rescued mail) created by rjl
When mail is rescued from Maia's quarantine, it is released exactly as it …
00:39 Ticket #44 (Add search feature for quarantines and ham cache) created by rjl
When the list of items in a quarantine or ham cache is very large, it can …
00:34 Ticket #43 (Auto-whitelist senders of confirmed ham items) created by rjl
When a user confirms that an e-mail is ham, it should be possible to …
00:31 Ticket #42 (Add user-scheduled quarantine summary digests) created by rjl
With this feature, users can specify thresholds (time, count, size) at …
00:24 Ticket #41 (Let administrators see all of their quarantines and caches in one place) created by rjl
Currently administrators have to go to the Admin->Users page to select …
00:18 Ticket #40 (Make user e-mail address settings easier to find) created by rjl
On the settings.php page, users see a list of the addresses associated …
00:15 Ticket #39 (Add "conditional failure" result to configtest.php) created by rjl
In addition to the green (OK) and red (FAILURE) results that …
00:07 Ticket #38 (Support for per-domain authentication sources and methods) created by rjl
Ideally, in the common scenario in which each domain represents a …
00:01 Ticket #37 (IP-based whitelists and blacklists) created by rjl
From Matthew Jonkman: IP based white and black listing. These admins …


23:59 Ticket #36 (Verify that a whitelisted address is not also blacklisted) created by rjl
From Matthew Jonkman: A verification that they're not blacklisting …
23:57 Ticket #35 (Separate whitelists and blacklists on to separate pages) created by rjl
From Matthew Jonkman: Separate the white and black lists into separate …
23:54 Ticket #34 (Better handling for broken MIME structure) created by rjl
The display_parts() function in mime.php tries its best to render the MIME …
23:46 Ticket #33 ([PATCH] Associate an e-mail address with an Exchange Server login) created by rjl
Zenon Mousmoulas has provided a patch for RC5 which provides a mechanism …
23:39 Ticket #32 (Add better database failover mechanisms) created by rjl
For high-availability installations it's vital to be able to detect that a …
23:30 Ticket #31 ([PATCH] Refactor maia_config and system configuration page) created by rjl
Stephan Wentz has provided a patch to RC5 which flattens the maia_config …
23:23 Ticket #30 (Fix "your quarantine area is empty" message) created by rjl
From Matthew Jonkman: Had a good suggestion from a user. They had great …
23:21 Ticket #29 (smtp_send() should do proper dot-stuffing) created by rjl
In keeping with RFC821, smtp_send() needs to prepend a '.' to the …
23:18 Ticket #28 (smtp_send() should append CR+LF after each body line) created by rjl
Currently smtp_send() sends a CR+LF after each socket write, but the body …
23:12 Ticket #27 (process-quarantine.pl doesn't check file sizes before learning and ...) created by rjl
From Craig Fisher: Ran into a problem today which I finally pinpointed …
23:08 Ticket #26 (Better HTML sanitization for the mail viewer) created by rjl
A more thorough HTML-sanitizing routine should be used to make sure that …
23:02 Ticket #25 (Add timing data to a database table) created by rjl
At the end of every mail transaction processed by amavisd-maia, write the …
22:58 Ticket #24 (Provide complete start-to-finish walk-through instructions) created by rjl
Currently the Maia documentation assumes that you've already installed …
22:51 Ticket #23 (%no_autocreate_domains is broken) created by rjl
From Ross Anderson: Update to rc5 seems to have broken the following …
22:48 Ticket #22 (Add the ability to deliver a message to users at login, with read/unread ...) created by rjl
From Wolfgang Lumpp: A flag which we (admin) can set to include a …
22:43 Ticket #21 (Optionally show header sender rather than envelope sender in column ...) created by rjl
From Michael Long: I noticed that all the emails in the HAM section …
22:39 Ticket #20 (Uppercase usernames create new accounts) created by rjl
From Chris Paul: We just noticed it actually that if you log in with …
22:35 Ticket #19 (Let users unlink e-mail addresses) created by rjl
If a user has consolidated multiple e-mail addresses into his account and …
22:31 Ticket #17 (Reorganize handling of spam threshold scores and destiny mappings) closed by rjl
22:29 Ticket #18 (Reorganize handling of spam threshold scores and destiny mappings) created by rjl
Spam is unlike viruses/headers/attachments in that its diagnosis is …
22:29 Ticket #17 (Reorganize handling of spam threshold scores and destiny mappings) created by rjl
Spam is unlike viruses/headers/attachments in that its diagnosis is …
22:20 Ticket #16 (Adapt amavisd-maia to amavisd-new 2.x) created by rjl
The current version of amavisd-new (2.x) is not yet supported by Maia. …
22:17 Ticket #15 (Add state counters by Message-ID) created by rjl
From Richard Whittaker's description: I think it might be a really good …
22:13 Ticket #14 (Add support for user+extension@domain addresses) created by rjl
Maia needs to become aware of the user+extension@domain address format, …
22:08 Ticket #13 (Graphic charts need to be added) created by rjl
The JpGraph?-based chart system needs to be implemented, similarly to what …
17:57 SpamAssassin edited by rjl
16:24 Ticket #12 (finish dgm theme) created by dmorton
DGM Theme? needs much more work to finish. all pages …
16:19 Changeset [367] by dmorton

we now have shiny new trac system to keep track of this stuff!

16:09 Ticket #11 (spacing in cache list rows) created by dmorton
need to adjust colors and spacing of items in the cache list rows.
16:08 Ticket #10 (on mouse over color change) created by dmorton
Change colors on mouse over on cache lists, and check box whenever clicked …
16:04 Ticket #9 (language links on login page) created by dmorton
login page locale links get printed directly, not through smarty, …
16:03 Ticket #8 (quickview links) created by dmorton
quickview items in menu should have links to caches
16:02 Ticket #7 (help page for welcome page) created by dmorton
Add help page info for welcome/home page.
16:01 Ticket #6 (hardcoded user settings ignore admin settings) created by dmorton
In welcome.php the values for the settings of Low,Medium,High …
15:59 Ticket #5 (default theme) created by dmorton
The admin should be able to specify the default theme
15:57 Ticket #4 (Translation updates) created by dmorton
welcome page needs updates in several languages. several othe pages …
15:55 Ticket #3 (locale quick links on menu inconsistent) created by dmorton
The locale for the quicklinks is located in the welcome page, and thus do …
15:50 Ticket #2 (refactor configtest.php) created by dmorton
Split schema out into seperate file, into generic format, and then have …
15:40 SpamAssassin edited by dmorton
15:38 SpamAssassin created by dmorton
14:59 Ticket #1 (error when action clicked and no messages selected) created by dmorton
The cache pages in DGM theme? display an error when no …
08:00 WikiStart edited by rjl
07:41 TracWelcome created by dmorton
07:40 WikiStart edited by dmorton
05:03 TracIni created by trac
05:03 WikiPageNames created by trac
05:03 TracSupport created by trac
05:03 TracInstall created by trac
05:03 TracTickets created by trac
05:03 TracOnMandrakelinux created by trac
05:03 TracPermissions created by trac
05:03 WikiRestructuredTextLinks created by trac
05:03 TracOnWindows created by trac
05:03 TracOnOsx created by trac
05:03 TracWiki created by trac
05:03 TracOnNetBsd created by trac
05:03 WikiHtml created by trac
05:03 SandBox created by trac
05:03 TracNotification created by trac
05:03 TracGuide created by trac
05:03 TracTimeline created by trac
05:03 TracLogging created by trac
05:03 TracOnRedhat created by trac
05:03 TracLinks created by trac
05:03 CamelCase created by trac
05:03 TracAdmin created by trac
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05:03 WikiStart created by trac
05:03 TracSyntaxColoring created by trac
05:03 TracAccessibility created by trac
05:03 TracReports created by trac
05:03 WikiRestructuredText created by trac


23:28 Changeset [366] by dmorton

slight color adjustment

23:15 Changeset [365] by dmorton

added javascript to select all messages on page. fixed a few css overlap ...

18:58 Changeset [364] by dmorton

updated TODO list... waiting for trac ticket system.

18:41 Changeset [363] by dmorton

finished funcionality so that list-cache.php can replace the other cache ...

16:51 Changeset [362] by dmorton

modified cache submit buttons, so they actually post info.

11:01 Changeset [361] by dmorton

german locale for welcome page

08:56 Changeset [360] by dmorton

removing uneeded branch

08:56 Changeset [359] by dmorton

removing unused branch

05:17 Changeset [358] by dmorton

removing unneeded tag


20:48 Changeset [357] by dmorton

attempting to modify compiled directories to ignore any subcontents, added ...

20:41 Changeset [356] by dmorton

adding compiled directories to themes. need to test if permissions ...

15:06 Changeset [355] by dmorton

this tag never had any meaning, so I'm deleting it from the ...

15:05 Changeset [354] by dmorton

this tag never went anywhere. deleting from "current revision"

15:03 Changeset [353] by dmorton

this branch never went anywhere. Cleaning out of the "current revision"


10:02 Changeset [352] by dmorton

Fixing mime-type property on images, to allow subverions to display ...


17:57 Changeset [351] by dmorton

fixing images broken by cvs2svn

17:52 Changeset [350] by dmorton

fixing images broken by cvs2svn

13:20 Changeset [349] by dmorton

trivial change to test repository


13:26 Changeset [348] by dmorton

color issues, more css stuff

13:15 Changeset [347] by dmorton

fixed table sizes and css to work with layout and IE

13:01 Changeset [346] by dmorton

removed table width, to fix crowding on IE

12:07 Changeset [345] by dmorton

updating to new css layout

11:42 Changeset [344] by dmorton

updated to new layout, looks better, but still needs some polish. I don't ...

11:31 Changeset [343] by dmorton

putting require_once 'smaprty.php' later down the file makes it update ...

10:50 Changeset [342] by dmorton

linked list-cache.php to welcome page, various cache types.

10:20 Changeset [341] by dmorton

limit digits of score in view

10:15 Changeset [340] by dmorton

removed debug statement

10:01 Changeset [339] by dmorton

moving list-cache functionality into class structure, and functions to ...


09:51 Changeset [338] by dmorton

reminder for create tables in configtest.php

09:47 Changeset [337] by dmorton

more icons

09:29 Changeset [336] by dmorton

more TODO


18:20 Changeset [335] by dmorton

changing sort button background color

17:11 Changeset [334] by dmorton

removing debug item

17:11 Changeset [333] by dmorton

adding arrow icon to indicate current sort order

16:34 Changeset [332] by dmorton

*** empty log message ***

16:33 Changeset [331] by dmorton

changes to quickstats and pager. more style changes

16:31 Changeset [330] by dmorton

include file to help with list-cache.php.

16:30 Changeset [329] by dmorton

file for combined cache files - we can save a lot of redundant code here.


21:12 Changeset [328] by dmorton

fixes to make font smaller and overall flow fit into 800x600 on IE. Also ...

16:15 Changeset [327] by dmorton

fixed bug in IE layout.. intro was showing up below

15:02 Changeset [326] by dmorton

more css changes

12:05 Changeset [325] by dmorton

moving color out to seperate css file. DIV tags can multiple classes, so ...

09:28 Changeset [324] by dmorton

looking better!

07:53 Changeset [323] by dmorton

center and left header object work well now. just assign to the proper ...

06:39 Changeset [322] by dmorton

moving layout css to seperate file, so it can be found easier and seperate ...


22:11 Changeset [321] by dmorton

changing templates to support a new mechanism... a "layout" template, in ...

09:32 Changeset [320] by dmorton

som new icons to use...


13:40 Changeset [319] by dmorton

playing with new html interface ideas, css layout.


21:01 Changeset [318] by dmorton

language selection update, for both templates this time. better variable ...

19:49 Changeset [317] by dmorton

Fixed current language being selected by default on settings page.

13:23 Changeset [316] by dmorton

Thanks to http://homepage.ntlworld.com/bobosola/

the IE png transparency ...

12:43 Changeset [315] by dmorton

fixed css placement issues in default theme in IE.

00:09 Changeset [314] by dmorton

updated schema to include all information needed to create tables and ...


14:18 Changeset [313] by dmorton

breaking schema out into seperate file for easier processing

14:09 Changeset [312] by dmorton

crossed off some added some more...

09:57 Changeset [311] by dmorton

more updates to welcome templates and en locale. Other locales need ...

09:17 Changeset [310] by dmorton

updated german translation from Wolfgang Lumpp <wol@…>

08:59 Changeset [309] by dmorton

adding locale info for text on welcome page


15:54 Changeset [308] by dmorton

Refactored code:

converted column checks into HoH datastructure and walk ...

13:40 Changeset [307] by dmorton

beginning refactor of table detection. I propse putting the table array ...

12:58 Changeset [306] by dmorton

moved other includes to after their existence has been verified, removed ...

12:51 Changeset [305] by dmorton

more html refactoring - down to table checks. removed jpgraph include - ...

12:14 Changeset [304] by dmorton

added theme info for database...

I'm also refactoring some of the HTML to ...


15:46 Changeset [303] by dmorton

a different way to indicate the current theme

14:54 Changeset [302] by dmorton

need welcome page help written

14:42 Changeset [301] by jleaver

Updated code for preselection of currently selected theme

12:29 Changeset [300] by jleaver

Added files for different locales

12:11 Changeset [299] by jleaver

Added $langtext_theme? = "Theme";

12:10 Changeset [298] by dmorton

fixed home button alignment

12:06 Changeset [297] by dmorton

fixed User: User: showing up in menu... different text is shown depending ...

11:57 Changeset [296] by jleaver

Removed the spurious User: from menu.tpl

11:43 Changeset [295] by jleaver

Addedd $langlink_welcome?

11:42 Changeset [294] by jleaver

Added $langlink_welcome?

10:34 Changeset [293] by jleaver

Imported converted versions from MAIN

08:16 Changeset [292] by dmorton

* attachment-quarantine default template needs updating


08:15 Changeset [291] by dmorton

Incorporated Steve Halligan's spam/ham/delete column patch

08:11 Changeset [290] by dmorton

more bugs to fix

08:04 Changeset [289] by dmorton

removed space at end of file that could have sent text before headers were ...

07:50 Changeset [288] by dmorton

reverting Previous fix not a fix.

07:46 Changeset [287] by dmorton

adding TODO list


11:41 Changeset [286] by dmorton

Added support for changing themes, per user.


11:00 Changeset [285] by dmorton

typo fix - missing "

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.